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Under the Influence:

June 23- Officers received reports of an intoxicated man near the Grande Ballroom. Police found the man lying on a couch and confirmed he was intoxicated. Officers asked the man to leave campus for the rest of the day.


Animal Problem:

June 24- Police were notified of a stray cat in the Health Professionals Building. An officer searched the area and located the cat. He was able to contain the animal until Orem City Animal Control arrived to take the feline.





June 25- An Orem man sent some risqué photos to an, alleged, foreign woman through Skype. After sending the photos, the man was told to either pay money or the photos would be released to his family and friends.


Under the Influence:

June 25- The Adult Probation and Parole unit was assisted by the Neighborhood Protection Unit in a visit to a man’s home. The officers found marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin on the premises. The man was arrested.

June 29- A police dog discovered LSD and what appeared to be heroin in a car stopped by an officer. Upon further examination of the heroin, the officer found it was actually road sealant packaged to look like heroin by the men in the car. They had hoped to sell it to an unsuspecting individual.

June 29- An officer noticed a suspicious man lurking around a construction site. The man was arrested after the officer found a distributional amount of drugs in his backpack.


Car Chase:

June 26- A man was seen shoplifting from Shopko. An officer spotted the man leaving in a blue Ford Taurus and attempted to stop him. The driver sped away on Center Street and then turned onto 800 E. A patrol supervisor intercepted the vehicle at 500 S, but the driver continued driving away and hit a bus. The two occupants of the car, a 36-year-old man and his 14-year-old son, fled on foot. Both were soon caught by officers.

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