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Mental Subject:

May 19- An officer responded to reports of a suicidal woman located at the Brent Brown Ballpark. The officer discovered she was having issues with a man. The officer attempted to contact the man, at his apartment, and advise him to stop speaking with the woman, but was unable to locate him. The officer transported the woman to Timpanogos Hospital for evaluation.



May 19- Police received reports of a man and woman making out on the Losee Center roof. An officer made contact with the couple and issued them a verbal trespass warning.

May 23- An officer responded to reports of people skateboarding in a parking structure. Upon arrival, the officer found three men and a woman skateboarding. The officer issued verbal warnings to all the individuals.


Suspicious Circumstances:

May 19- Police were notified of a suspicious circumstance at the National Guard building. Upon arrival, officers found an abandoned laptop and power cord outside the building. The items were placed in lost and found property. No further action was taken.

May 22- An officer was dispatched to the Institute Building to investigate reports of a suspicious person. The officer was able to locate the individual, and was informed that the individual was the Institute custodian. No further action was taken.




Motorcycle Theft:

May 26- While patrolling State Street, an officer saw a man driving a stolen bullet bike. The driver fled when the officer tried to stop him, but the officer didn’t pursue the man. Officers set up a containment area and were able to arrest the man with the help of the Lindon Police Department.


Under the Influence:

May 29- Police responded to reports of an Orem man who broke a window while fighting with his father. Officers found the man, who appeared to be drunk, in the bushes. The man attempted to fight one of the officers and was arrested.

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