Pizza and Politics changes last minute

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gary Herbert, former governor of Utah, wasn’t in attendance due to health reasons the morning of, however, the student organization members discuss The Gary R. Herbert Institute for Public Policy.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Pizza and Politics — which took place last week — was originally stationed to feature former Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert. However, due to health issues occurring the morning of the event, he was unable to attend. In substitution, students heard from Justin Jones, executive director of the Herbert Institute, and several student interns working within the Gary R. Herbert Institute for Public Policy.

“If you want to be involved at the Herbert Institute I think the number one thing you should know is you do not have to affiliate politically the same as Gov. Herbert,” said Mike Erickson, president of the Herbert institute student organization. “That’s not what this is about at all.”

After his years as an elected official, former governor Gary Herbert has partnered with Utah Valley University to create Utah’s newest public policy institute. The Institute is located in UVU’s Fugal Gateway Building in what is now called “Herbert Hall.”

“I really look at the Herbert Institute as this research think tank coming up with really cool solutions to problems. We want to get there eventually but really our point right now is we want to be a vehicle of education to tell people these are the things out there,” said Steven Sylvester, a UVU Professor of Political Science. “These are the things you’re being told but here is the actual truth. And here is all the data to back up the truth.”

The Herbert Institute highlights  Gov. Herbert’s years of public service and is a hosting center for students,  elected officials, and political thought leaders on UVU’s campus.

“This is an institute dedicated to diverse thought and when we do that we can come together to find the best solutions to the problems our state is facing and our country is facing,” said Erickson.

The Gary Herbert Institution for Public Policy Forum will also host an upcoming event featuring former Vice President Mike Pence, on Sept. 20, 2022, at the Noorda Center for Performing Arts.

“UVU Sends the best classes of interns and that’s because we put more effort into prepping everyone and we’re a team. We became each other’s best friends on the hill,” said Eric Nystel, director of high-impact scholarships.

For more information or to apply to be in a Legislative or Congressional Internship, students can visit the Gary Herbert Institution website.