People to Know

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“Who is Alex Caldiero?” I’m asked. A better question might be, “How do you explain who is Alex Caldiero?”

“The human element. Humanities — it means a synthesis of knowledge; it’s holistic. ‘Break on through to the other side.’ You can’t pay lip service to humanities by shrugging it off. It asks the big questions. Why? How? And so what? We already know we’re human. It’s not like the sciences. Science tries to find out what we can know. And that’s just fine, more power to ’em. But those big questions, right? The mysteries are important, not to solve but including into yourself. What you don’t know AND what you do know. AND what you WANT to know. That’s an important one. In my classes, I try to help you somehow enlarge what you are. Sometimes the most important part of teaching is figuring out what is necessary, what you leave out.”

Look forward to The Sonosopher, the upcoming documentary which will detail the life and work of UVU’s Artist In Residence.