Pants are not the only option

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Getting dressed for winter this year is going to be different. My favorite pair of blue jeans is starting to look worn and they may not survive the winter. But that is okay, because I have another new found favorite: skirts and tights. The combination, when worn with boots offers another palette to paint any winter wardrobe wonderfully.


The skirt is a piece that is ageless, and for that matter, season-less. Not to be confused with Sunday best only, skirts can be casual and warm with skinny corduroy or wool. The 50’s styled skirt, with its slim waist band and longer length is very popular this season on the runways and in real life because of its practicality and elegance.


Choosing the right pair of tights should not be too difficult because they come in such a vast array of styles that can be mixed and matched to different outfits without much hesitation. Colored tights are a fun way to spruce up winter wear and add personality to an ensemble. Sweater tights take the toasty warm benefits of pants-wearing in winter and transform it into a very feminine style. Darker grays and black sweater tights are classy and functional.


If you are going for the skirt-tights combo, slim, dressy boots that hit anywhere from mid-calf to thigh-high look great. But do not forget about the booties. Those heels look especially fantastic with a skirt and tights outfit.


So, although I know I will pull those trusted jeans out of my dresser drawer from time to time this winter, I am glad they are not my only option. I will herald my femininity this season, even during the brisk, winter weather we face in Utah Valley.


By Jamie Ghormley

Photos by Gilbert Cisneros