Orem Mayor Richard Brunst announces he will not seek a third term

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On Dec. 18 Orem Mayor Richard Brunst announced that he will not be seeking a third term. This announcement came in a letter to the City Council and a video message to other leaders and city residents. 

“I have loved serving and working on issues to make Orem a better place with you. With that said, I am not interested in overstaying or being a career politician in Orem,” said Brunst.t. 

Elected in 2013, Brunst committed to attending every ribbon-cutting, every groundbreaking, and every meeting possible. In early 2017, Brunst kept his word and more as he officially ran for a second term with a profound endorsement from Utah Gov. Gary Herbert. 

“I appreciate any who steps up and says ‘choose me,” Herbert said of Brunst at the start of the mayor’s second term. 

Brunst, who has served two terms in office to date, has always communicated that he would not serve after a third term. He elected to make his announcement early as his current term will officially end on Dec. 31 of this year. According to Brunst, this was intentionally done in order to enable prospective candidates the time to consider their run for Orem City Mayor. 

Moving forward, Brunst reiterated his commitments to Orem City regardless of his political seat and promised residents that he will continue to push for the new city center much of his most recent time in office has been committed to.