Orem City election day is nearing

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Matt Jensen | Staff Writer

On November 3, 2015 the Orem City Council elections will commence. Registered voters in Orem will receive vote by mail ballots, which are pamphlets that explain a little about each candidate and what they will bring to the city. Those who have questions about how to register, vote, or find voter registration forms can go to the Orem City website. At this website there are links that help a person find out if they are registered, show how to register and where to find voter registration forms.

According to the website there were 10,929 people who voted in August.

The decisions that they will make include more efficient transportation and building and development of positive growth. The council will continue to build relationships with important organizations like UVU, Alpine School district, Utah County and City Governments to find solutions to current problems.

To help UVU students prepare for the upcoming elections, UVUSA is hosting an event to help educate students about each candidate running for elections. The event will be Oct. 20 at noon at Centre Stage.

According to the Orem City website, one of the top concerns that the candidates want to focus on is the economic growth of the city. With the continued growth of student enrollment at BYU and UVU, along with new business startups, and businesses moving to our local communities, the city council is deciding how to adapt to the growth that will continue to happen in the next decade. This includes what types of housing that should be constructed and where businesses can be built. The council wants to help entrepreneurs open their businesses in the most effective and affordable way possible. A couple of current issues the council is working on are whether or not they should be making a bus lane on University Parkway and State Street.