Orem City appoints its first-ever female city attorney

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It has been 102 years since Congress granted women the right to vote. Since that time, women have made space for themselves in every facet of our society, calling for equality and fighting still today for opportunities not afforded by those before us. 

Orem city, in its own right, has recently taken great interest in the inclusion of its female citizens. Early 2021 witnessed the city allocating an allotment of funds specifically for the education of female minorities. The city has also appointed its first-ever female city attorney, Heather Schriever.

This pioneering appointment comes after former city attorney Greg Stephens’s retirement, concluding nearly two decades of service. 

“I have the biggest shoes to fill from Greg,” Schriever said in an interview with the Daily Herald. “He has such a smooth, calm demeanor and is non-controversial when doing negotiating.”

Schriever’s qualifications do not fall short of the status of her new position. With over a decade worth of experience as an assistant city attorney, Schriever emphasizes the knowledge she has gleaned under the tutelage of Stephens. Many who have worked with Schriever over the years speak to her talent as a leader. 

“As a city, we are delighted Heather has accepted the opportunity to serve as our new city attorney. She brings to the job a tremendous amount of energy and new ideas while at the same working to build upon the work of Greg and the entire Legal Services staff,” city manager Jamie Davidson said. 

This appointment not only emphasizes Schriever’s hard work, but also highlights the importance of women obtaining leadership positions in their communities. 

In conversations with students around UVU campus regarding the appointment, it became obvious that many women are inspired by this action. 

“I think it is important for women everywhere to see that we can do it,” Katie Aldger, a senior studying said. 

Others simply acknowledged the joy that comes with such an appointment for them. “It is hard to believe a woman has never held that position before,”  Marcie Taylor, a UVU alumni said, “Hallelujah for her and all women.” 

Moving forward, Schriever anticipates the challenges of learning the ins and outs of her new position during a pandemic. Nearly everything is being done over the internet and all jury trials have been postponed. According to Schriever, this will result in a bit of a backlog for her and the legal services staff. Regardless, Schriever transitioned into the position on Feb. 12 with a nod to women everywhere. A recollection perhaps of Rosie the Riveter and those iconic words, “we can do it!”