Opportunity in a Global Economy

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For students preparing to enter the professional work force, working abroad is an avenue that is often overlooked.

Those who speak a foreign language, have an interest in international business or finance and enjoy a challenge, may possibly consider job searching outside of the United States. What may have seemed a daunting task 10 or 15 years ago is now achievable in light of the global economy and interdependency of nations which exists in the world today.

On Jan. 11, UVU had the opportunity to host Wolfgang Drautz, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Los Angeles. Drautz highlighted many international statistics on current global finances and the shifting face of global production, consumption and employment. The G6, G7, and G8 of the past are slowly being replaced by the G20 of the future which will ideally lead to more standardized roles in finance and business.

Drautz points out that along with the change in economic players comes the opportunity for employment with multinational companies, or with a smaller company in a particular foreign country. One might easily contact a company of choice, express a desire to work abroad and begin the process of applying for clearance to labor in the selected country.

“Germany is just one place in need of a fresh influx of the younger population,”said Drautz. “ Language fluency is important when considering working abroad. The ability to interact and communicate while conducting business is an essential part of success in the workplace.” Drautz stresses the need to “stand together,” though we come from different countries and cultures. In this effort, our global economy might continue to thrive.

Drautz hopes that our ever-growing global economy will give way to needed standardized processes in production, education and safety. Global standards in these areas would enable employees to be more accessible to employers at an international level while allowing students to study at a globally standardized level.

Drautz’s main focus is the benefit of cooperation. “If we do not work together, nothing will be solved,” said Drautz. “If we work together, we can accomplish a lot.”

For more information visit germany.info/losangeles.

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