October is for horror

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5 frightening films from the last 5 years

Going through the month of October without seeing at least one horror flick is sacrilege. Variety has been a prolific spice during the last few years, so no matter one’s taste, there is bound to be something for everyone. With a cast ranging from snakes to serial killers and gypsies to non-sparkly child vampires, the ridiculous, the profound and everything in between are represented in these recommendations.

The monster movie
Going from Internet sensation to box office flop, this movie is exactly what the title says: There are snakes on a plane. Samuel Jackson signed up based on the title alone. Fun fact: Snakes were not permitted within 25 feet of the leading man. Go figure.

The chilling child
While the Swedish-language story keeps with the trend of engaging viewer sympathy for vampires, it does not minimize the brutality of their situation. The film is both understated and blunt. By focusing on relationships without neglecting the story line, this is as close as it gets to a perfect horror.

The scary spoof
Prepare to alternate between gut-splitting laughter and gut-spilling grossness. While the plot about a gypsy curse is valid, the film does not take itself serious in the least and relies heavily on ridiculousness. A caricature of itself, horror aficionados and newbies alike can enjoy it.

2007: ZODIAC
The murder mystery
The story of the infamous Zodiac Killer keeps viewers on edge through first-rate storytelling. By focusing on the intrigue and suspense of the killer’s clues instead of the brutal murders themselves, it averts being a slasher film and instead presents itself as deeply psychological. Also, Robert Downey Jr. ‘Nuff said.

2010: DEVIL
The paranormal parable
Utilizing all the best of M. Night Shyamalan’s storytelling without the characteristics of his recent directorial debacles (The Last Airbender, anyone?), claustrophobia and killings combine into an elevator nightmare. With a whodunnit plot and scenario no one wants to be in, this new release keeps viewers guessing until the end.