Occupy Provo demonstrates again

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Passing cars honked their horns in support for the group of about 11 protesters, who stood bundled up in scarves and coats to protect themselves from the cold winter breeze.


Occupy Provo, a break off from Occupy Wall Street, hit the streets again Saturday, Nov. 5, to raise awareness about corporate greed. The all-day demonstration was made outside of Zions Bank.


“ I wanted to get involved while there were this many people uniting for a good cause,” said Shae Willes, an Occupy Provo Protester. “I don’t think it matters what the specific goals of the group are. It is more important that there are this many people that realize there is a problem and are speaking out.”


Sergeant Befendorfer of the Provo Police Department mentioned that he was not very worried about the protest because it looked like it was the same group of protesters who peacefully demonstrated at Wells Fargo Bank the Saturday before. Befendorfer reported no additional patrols would be needed to monitor the protest activity.


“We’ll just have people drive by once in a while,” Befendorfer said.


Zions Bank was unable to give a statement since there was not a working manager on site.


Occupy Provo decided Saturday evening at their General Assembly that they will be demonstrating again Representative Jason Chaffetz and Senator Orrin Hatch’s office at Center St and University Avenue in downtown Provo this coming Saturday.


Story and photos by Emily Stephenson


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