I don’t believe that a newspaper can stay objective on the front-page and endorse a candidate on the editorial page.

One of the main arguments for a newspaper editorial board choosing to endorse a candidate for president is that the practice is a long-standing tradition in journalism. Some newspaper editors don’t seem to understand that a large amount of voters don’t “get’ why newspapers choose to endorse a candidate. It is, indeed, a long-standing tradition that dates back in the 18th century when newspapers were often associated with political parties. The last time I checked, newspapers are no longer affiliated with any political party.

A good majority of readers are suspicious of newspapers and do not trust the “news.” So, why would any paper want to damage credibility with their readers by endorsing a candidate?

Nowadays, the public can be easily swayed to vote for one candidate over another. A lot of voters don’t fact-check before they go to the polls, and end up taking someone’s opinion as truth — even if it’s not entirely correct. Furthermore, voters have a tendency to cast their ballot due to talking points of media outlets, and not their own research of a candidate’s platform.

I disagree with the endorsement of a candidate by any newspaper and believe that a newspaper that chooses to do so jeopardizes their credibility with its audience.

Newspapers need to present the facts, without opinion. Furthermore, they should be encouraging their readers to vote — not who to vote for.