John McCain is the best pick for president!

He has served this country with dignity and respect. He is a hero, father, husband and a man who is worthy to be the president. The war in Iraq, debt, Russia, immigration, the economy, education, same-sex marriage, healthcare, American energy — all are issues being discussed as we choose the next president.

Some people ask, “What made me choose? Why do I want John McCain for president?” There I was, undecided, watching Barack Obama and John McCain debate the issues live on television, both trying to reach out to the viewer (people like me), “Vote for me!”

He definitely is not the best speaker and he is old, but as he spoke he clarified what he believed in, made strong stances, and promised certain actions. And I agreed with him. He has the experience, the good-judgment, and the knowledge of what needs to be done and how to do it.

He wants budget spending to stop. We need to get ourselves out of debt. He has a plan to create millions of American jobs. He believes in our troops, and that we can win and are winning the war in Iraq. He believes that a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” must remain ever faithful to that noble charge. He believes in a more secure border, that we have the right to feel safe in our own country. He wants to improve our education system and make it worthy of the promises we make to our children and ourselves. And this is only the beginning.

He doesn’t just stand and say these things — he puts them into motion. He has plans and is ready to take action.

He is not the most popular among his peers, because he says and does what he really believes in. Joe Lieberman, a junior Senator from Connecticut, said, “John McCain had the guts to say in 2003 to the Bush administration, Secretary Rumsfeld, ‘our policy in Iraq is failing, we need more troops’ when everybody else was saying pull the troops out. McCain has said, ‘I’d rather lose the election than lose this war, because winning this war is too important for the security of the United States.’ Now his policy is working. Iraq is succeeding.”

John McCain served 23 years in the Navy. He was a prisoner of war for five and a half years during the Vietnam War. He conveys who he is, what he is a capable of, and what America really is.

In his closing statements, John McCain said at the last presidential debate, “As a long line of McCains that has served our country for a long time, in war and in peace, it’s been a great honor of my life. And I’ve been proud to serve. And I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to serve again. I’d be honored and humbled.”

So let’s do him the honor, and vote for John McCain.