No Internet on campus, first time ever

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The SC Computer Lab is vacant since service is unavailable. Connor Allen/UVU Review

The library was vacant mid-day on campus. On a weekday, this is a sight worthy of a double take. For hours there has been no server access on campus for students. This includes Internet access on any computer and wifi is down as well for students with laptops.


Mitch Foutz works in the computer lab upstairs in the Student Center.


“I’ve been here for three years. It’s never happened to me before,” Foutz said. “Sometimes we have a problem for like 10 min, but it’s only happened twice or so.”


Foutz said students have been reacting to it better than he expected.


“Students are stressed out about it, but seem to be taking it pretty ok,” Foutz said.


Contrastingly, Carrisa Bullock works in another student lab by the Pope Science building and has been dealing with very upset students. Bullock said students are also stressed that teachers won’t cooperate with them in the case of late assignments.


“They’re really pissed,” Bullock said. “This girl got really mad and threw a chair and she banged on the keyboard.”


This doesn’t just affect students, but includes anyone who is working in the administration building, One Stop and teachers are affected as well.


The lab aids were first instructed that the Internet would be up again at 2:00, but later that it would take the rest of the day.


By Tiffany Thatcher

Asst. News Editor