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Facebook users have the option to chronicle their whole life on one page. Screenshot courtesy of Facebook.

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Facebook users have the option to chronicle their whole life on one page. Screenshot courtesy of Facebook.

Facebook is always changing. It’s a fact. This can be annoying and useless to many people who may not be involved in social media and business. However, social media continues to have a huge impact on society. Even with its constant change, it remains an ever-growing source of information and news. The changes on Facebook have a large effect on students, and in more ways than one.


In the past few months, Facebook has rolled out Timeline, which is the new and improved profile for all Facebook users. However, Facebook didn’t stop there. They recently released a similar version of Timeline for businesses and brand pages. How does this affect UVU students? Facebook is creating more ways for brands to advertise to the students demographic.


Most students have a Facebook profile and use it often. Facebook features ads on every page, of brands similar to the likes and interests of the user. Many also see posts in the news feed that are ads hidden by cute phrases or quotes. But the new Facebook changes are taking advertising to a whole new extreme.


The brand pages look exactly like personal profiles. According to several sources, including an article from, Facebook is making these changes in order to give brands an edge.


Making the brand look like an actual person is the goal. This creates a relationship that we wouldn’t otherwise have with brand names.


Students are vital in the growth of social media. Facebook is working hard to find more ways to monetize the site in every way possible without advertisements detracting users from the overall experience. For students, this is worth knowing.


Graduates can go out and work in businesses across the nation. From nursing to auto mechanics, social media is going to play a role in many career paths. It is important to have a basic understanding and knowledge of what we use Facebook for, and how Facebook uses us.


By Kari Harbath
News Writer

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