New online project opens doors for female students at UVU

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Rinamay Rhoten, Reporter


Utah Women’s and Leadership Project is a new website that UVU has launched, and it serves as a support system to women all across Utah.

This website is more than just an advocate for female students in today’s society. It provides information of associations and support groups, upcoming forums and events. It’s also a good place for networking in professional fields.

The director of this project, Dr. Susan R. Madsen, has said that one of the many reasons behind creating the website for women is because she is aware that in today’s world women need support, motivation and encouragement.

The main focus of the website is to provide information about upcoming events, and to have a list of women’s groups where students can go for support.

“I think that there is a need for leadership development for students,” Madsen said.

The projects goal is to provide the information that women are looking for in order to succeed today. It’s a pathway students can use for their education.

“For students who don’t have family nearby I’m sure it’ll be helpful,” Mika Pinner, UVU women’s basketball player, said.

President Matthew Holland and Mrs. Paige Holland have said they stand in support of this project 100 percent. The Hollands have advocated for the increase in women attending and graduating from UVU.

UWLP offers targeted support for the needs of individual women in varying situations. It has been acknowledged that due to cultural influences, some women have the resources to receive higher education but they don’t have the motivation.

“I use my bachelor’s degree every day,” Paige Holland said. “I couldn’t be the kind of mom, wife and first lady of UVU without my education.”

There are groups for counseling, such as the women’s success center at UVU, that will empower women and give them the leadership skills they need to succeed.

The program provides the tools to help women feel encouraged in the pursuit of their goals. If they need motivation, there are seminars they can attend to help and inform them along the way.

The UWLP wants to give female students a place where they can go and feel encouraged. There are many seminars in which female students can attend and interact with professional women. They are designed to be a great way to network and connect with other women in the field.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing for female students to interact with professionals,” Madsen said.

This project also supports an issue that is not often discussed: the lack of leadership positions that women have in the work place. Education is so essential in today’s world because women need to learn how to stand up and be heard.

“I think that we need to create awareness about women and leadership positions. [UWLP] would definitely be useful to help women in leadership and inequalities issues.” Dr. Spencer Patterson, professor of communication, said.