Nellie Hughes shares her inspirations and aspirations as President of Women of UVU

Reading Time: 2 minutes On March 15. The Review interviewed Nellie Hughes, the President of Women of UVU, to discuss her childhood and future plans for the organization.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In celebration of Women’s History Month, The Review got the opportunity to speak with one of the foremost voices for women at Utah Valley University. Nellie Hughes is a statistics major at UVU, with plans to graduate in May, and currently is the President of Women of UVU

Supported by the Women’s Success Center, the Women of UVU is a student run-organization with the goal of helping women persist and eventually graduate. According to Hughes, the organization is the place to get your foot in the door with networking opportunities for professional development or simply a place for socializing.

Hughes is the youngest of four children, and because of her older brother, found a love for playing video games. Her mother cultivated in her a passion for piano, a love that has lasted the last 16 years of her life. She is also an avid reader and likes to sit in random fields alone.

When asked who her biggest inspirations were, Hughes was quick to mention her mother and her best friend of six years, Jayden. Noting how since they met at scout camp, Jayden has been a constant example of kindness and resolve for Hughes. 

Later in the interview, she mentioned Ruth Bader Ginsburg as another woman who’s been a big example in her life. Hughes has always been interested in law and sees Ginsburg as a shining example of what women can accomplish.

Last year, when Hughes transferred to UVU, she was looking into scholarships when her advisor mentioned the Women’s Success Center. Through them she was introduced to Women of UVU and joined, working hard until she became the president.

Hughes considers her job to be extremely rewarding, as she and the organization provide students the opportunities to feel heard and express themselves with like-minded individuals. Hughes has plans to expand the organization, enlarging its scope of resources and outreach before she graduates. The organization hosts numerous events, like the recent spa day for parents. Events for March can be found on the Women’s Success Center event calendar.

“Come join Women of UVU!” Hughes invites students of all genders to get involved and reach academic success through the Women of UVU. If students are interested, they can visit their website. Applications are also available on the same website for the Leadership Council position until April 1st.Lastly, Hughes would like to give a shout-out to her Mom, Jennifer Hughes, the program director, and the rest of the staff at the Women’s Success Center.