Photography: Elisabeth Kate Studios

Photography: Elisabeth Kate Studios

We in the valley occupy a privileged position. Like others, we have an ever expanding and interlacing web of social networking at our fingertips. We also live in an area brimming with music. Joining these two facets of our lives opens up a world of musical opportunities for your special day.


For this article, I set out to find music options for local wedding receptions. At first, I looked at business websites and spoke briefly with a harp player, Shari Taylor, who plays a few weddings a year to keep her talents fresh. I also saw advertisements for plenty of DJs, a wedding pianist, a classical guitarist, a soul band, string quartets, a saxophone player and more.


Still, I didn’t quite find what I was looking for, so I turned to Facebook.


I posted a request asking if my friends knew of any local musicians who played at wedding receptions. Within an hour, I was given three ideas. By the end of the day, I had three more. I even found out that a young man in my apartment complex plays the cello at weddings.


I talked to one of the people I was referred to, Vanese Landry, who played several weddings while in high school and has played at one Utah reception. Landry, a music education major at BYU, who primarily plays the viola, says she knows many fellow music majors who play at weddings. She also believes that hiring a music student rather than a professional can be less expensive.


Landry explains that playing receptions is an easy task for music students, who typically practice four hours each day.


“We’re immersed in music every day,” Landry said of herself and fellow music majors, stating that music students likely have just as much music experience as others who play at weddings.


Landry suggests contacting music professors or putting up fliers in order to get in touch with music majors who could provide live music at your wedding reception.


Live music can add a special something to your wedding celebration by adding the human element of a live performer, the visual beauty of instruments and the romance of the past when live music was the only option for musical entertainment.


“[It was] satisfying to help make [the bride and groom’s] day special,” Landry said of her experience playing at weddings. “You can see the love in [the couple’s] eyes.”


My experiences talking to Landry and using social networking led me to conclude that networking through friends, acquaintances and local connections can be an excellent way to bring affordable live music into one’s wedding.


Whether you select a live performer or recorded tracks, adding the element of music to one’s wedding can help set the tone and enhance the magic of your special day.


By Sierra Wilson




Tracy Harris Hales, Pianist



Briar Rose String Quartet



Moon Light, Violin-Piano Duo

801-602-6496 or 801-226-8927


Michael Lucarelli, Classical Guitarist



The Maywood String Quartet



The Moonlight Serenaders, Dance Band


Check them out on facebook


Dale Hawkins, Bagpiper

[email protected]


High Mountain Music DJ



Utah Jive DJ



Various Live Musicians & Bands

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