Mr. and Ms. UVSC showcase held

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The fifth annual Mr. and Mrs. UVSC International showcase will be held Wednesday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. in UVSC’s Ragan Theater. The showcase, which is sponsored by UVSC’s Black Student Union Club and the Multi-Cultural Center, will feature seven student couples who represent various cultures and regions from throughout the world.

The participants will give a brief presentation on the culture they are representing, followed by a talent portion and a presentation of traditional costumes. Because the cultures presented are so different from each other, participants are judged based on their own performances, not against one another. Contestants will be judged as a couple on factors like competency, presence, charm and confidence.

Not only is the showcase a great opportunity for those involved but even more so for the student body. "It is so exciting to have the opportunity to engage the UVSC community in learning about different cultures from around the world," said Nancy Cannon, an academic counselor at UVSC. "UVSC has such an amazing amount of talented students who want to share the traditions of their cultures."

The pageant is, if nothing else, a chance for students to feel pride for their culture and practice their talents. Ms. Cannon said, "This year’s event will be an explosion of color and excitement."

Tickets for the showcase are available now for only $5, and can be purchased at UVSC’s Campus Connection, located in the Student Center.