Mormonism, anarchism and pacifism

On Jan. 31, 2008, UVSC was visited by members of a local newspaper known as “The Mormon Worker.”

On Jan. 31, 2008, UVSC was visited by members of a local newspaper known as "The Mormon Worker."

The Mormon Worker is a local independent newspaper devoted to promoting Mormonism, anarchism and pacifism.
During the visit, orators expressed their views on Latter-day Saint theology and the ways in which it is compatible with, and genuinely supportive of anarchist political philosophy and pacifism.

Though the staff of The Mormon Worker is primarily comprised of members of the LDS church, it also includes articles submitted by members of other faiths, as well as atheists.

The Mormon Worker is a bi-monthly periodical that released its first issue in Sept. 2007; however, the idea for this publication was formed at a much earlier date by a group of seven individuals: Will Vanwagenen, Cory Bushman, Tyler Bushman, Kristen Kinjo-Bushman, Spencer Kingman, Ron Madson and Joshua Madson were the originative members of The Mormon Worker; all remain the core active members of the publication.

When asked what the main goal of The Mormon Worker is, staff member Cory Bushman said, "Our goal is to educate people on Mormon anarchism. We aim to be a unifying force that unites others who feel that they are alone in their thoughts and beliefs."

The Mormon Worker can be found in a few local bookstores, including Ken Sanders’ Rare Books and Sam Weller’s Zion Bookstore, both of which are located in Salt Lake City, as well as Pioneer Book located in Provo.

All issues can be read for free online, or a yearly subscription is available for a donation of $20.

All proceeds beyond the price of printing are contributed to the LDS Welfare Program via fast offerings.

For more information about The Mormon Worker, visit the official Web site at  

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