More than a poet – Alex Caldiero

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He is a mad poet. He is an award-winning artist. He is a self-proclaimed sonsopher. He is an unconventional teacher. He is absolutely unpredictable. He is undeniably moving. He, of course, is Alex Caldiero.

Being a pupil in one of Caldiero’s classes is an experience one doesn’t easily forget. Whether he brings a bongo to class and recites poetry, so deeply connected to his own identity, or presents art that makes even the most apathetic feel something, what he facilitates is mutual vulnerability. His passion is unmatched. His energy unfounded.

Teaching is another extension of performance to Caldiero. He glides through lectures by intertwining eccentricity with insight. His presence is electric, a forcefield of charisma. He asks you questions that have no answers, but encourages the drawing of conclusions.

Admittedly, his courses are intimidating. If you say something that can be twisted, Caldiero will not hesitate to twist. He may end up pounding his fists on the whiteboard or railing his whole physique into the wall. Words mean the world to him, so use them wisely.

Class is never boring with Caldiero at the wheel. His frantic passion is invigorating; his art, inspiring. He can make you uncomfortable, as some feel during his performances. He can also make you feel brave and, ultimately, alive.

Being a student in one of his courses is truly an experience, both educationally and humanly.