More than 20 clubs fundraise at Clubs Bazaar

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Hundreds of students and 21 clubs gathered in the Hall of Flags on Feb. 27 and 28 during the Clubs Bazaar, creating a bustling market atmosphere.


Despite some inconvenience on the first day due to a tripped power breaker, the hall was a flurry of activity on the second day. Students flocked to tables to buy food, purchase T-shirts, talk about service projects and play carnival-style games.


The National Communication Association Student Club fundraised with waffle irons and stylish aprons.


“We were the first club to do breakfast foods,” said NCAS member Sarah Roring, as she scooped batter into a waffle iron.


The idea was a trend: other clubs were making waffles and crepes a few meters away, and multiple clubs sold T-shirts. The Kappa Sigma fraternity wasn’t too worried about originality.


“We’re in a capitalistic society here,” said the fraternity’s club president Chris Orlob in response to other clubs with waffles for sale.


Money raised from the waffle sale went to the Fischer House Foundation for war veterans. Next to the Kappa Sigma, the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority was selling cupcakes for the S. June Smith Center for Pediatric Cancer.


Voice Line, UVU’s a-cappella group, was positioned with a popcorn maker and a television playing “Pitch Perfect.” The group’s nine members are more active this semester, according to member Lucas Stewart, and are planning on a workshop with BYU’s Vocal Point. Their first performance is scheduled for April 26.


Another musical group at the event was the new Flute Club, a flute choir that hoped for more performances and for more members. The new Fight the New Drug Club sold T-shirts and wristbands, and advocated a message to students.


“We want to educate people about pornography’s harmful effects,” said member Steven Pond.


Another new club at the bazaar was the Women of UVU Club, which has gained about 300 members since last semester. The club was formed to help create a community support system for women invested in education to help with their goals and dreams, said Natalie Percival.


The Chemistry Club sold T-shirts to fund future club activities like elementary schools visits and projects such as creating Cub Scout packs to help teach chemistry.


Nearby, the English Club sold original poetry composed by club members for a “last-minute love poem,” said club president Cherise Jenkins. The club sponsors open mic nights for people to read their work and is looking forward to a visit from Melanie Rae Thon, a successful fiction writer.


Students who stopped by the Eta Sigma Delta Hospitality Club’s table could play a balloon dart game and win prizees from Sundance, J-Dawgs and La Jolla Groves. The club’s 20 members receive help with job searches and scholarships within the hotel and food industry.


“It’s a pretty small club, but UVU’s hospitality program is the best in the state,” Wilson said.


Spectrum, a club to raise student awareness and provide support for the LGBT community, promoted an upcoming performance of the play, “8,” about Proposition 8. The ten-year-old club also provides free HIV testing every semester, offers high school outreach and helped pass a more specific discrimination policy on campus.


The Bass Fishing Club also sold T-shirts and casting lines with a fishing rod in the middle of the hallway. Club members recently returned from a fishing tournament in Arizona, and funds raised were for more tournaments and fishing tackle.


“We’re definitely making a profit,” said competition angler Weston Pryors.


The Clubs Bazaar was a success, according to UVUSA Vice President of Clubs and Organizations Elizabeth Miller.


“We are very proud of all the work the clubs put into making their tables successful,” Miller said, “and we are also pleased with the support that the student body showed our clubs over the past two days.”


By Natasha Griffin, Reporter