Mental health resources on and off campus

Mental Health Services disseminates information through outreach initiatives like the Preventive Outreach Program and provides Self-Help resources for students. Graphic by Ivette Pimentel.

Mental Health Services disseminates mental health information through outreach initiatives like the Preventive Outreach Program and provides Self-Help resources. These consist of presentations and workshops that accommodate groups and are led by mental health professionals.

“Mental health is important, and physical health is too, [and] freshman or students that are from out-of-state and don’t have support are able to get help at UVU,” said Max Taylor, junior majoring in psychology.

The different types of resources and self-help resources offered include: Emergency Services, thoughts of self-harm or suicide, abusive situations, drugs or alcohol abuse, any addictions, anxiety, autism/autism spectrum, dating and relationships, and many other resources on their website.

Resources and Self-Help services at UVU are not meant to replace a face-to-face consultation with a trained counselor, nor do any of these resources provide any type of online counseling. If you wish to schedule an initial appointment with a mental health therapist at Student Health Services, use the new digital portal.

The Preventative Outreach Program has various presentations by different faculty and staff at UVU that can be requested for classroom or staff audiences. Presentations cover topics that are valuable to students such as time management, study skills, stress management, relationships, depression and anxiety and  mindfulness for college students. 

The Mental Health Services Instagram has a mental health series with information and practices live on Mondays, with the highlights reel containing several mental health presentations 

“We are always adding more content via our Instagram Stories. We welcome your engagement with our content via comments, likes, reposts, or direct messaging us with questions or suggestions,” said the Student Health Services.

Meditation Monday takes place on Instagram live Mondays at 4:30 p.m., with Dr. Ben Bailey who leads a short guided meditation and shares thoughts on living mindfully.

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