Meet the Wolverine-in-chief

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Tyler Brklacich took the big job on campus after winning the elections in a landslide victory. We sat down to get to know him a little bit better.

KresLynn Knouse | Features Editor | @kreslynn

Tyler Brklacich is easily one of the most recognizable faces on campus, with a somewhat less recognizable last name. Some know him by his gregarious personality and fun nature, others by his determination to effectively represent the student body. With four years of leadership experience under his belt, Brklacich is ready to guide the student body on the path to success.

Brklacich was initially drawn to UVU due to its convenient location not far from his home in Salt Lake City. Though he admits to not having the greatest GPA in high school, he credits getting involved through leadership positions as what influenced his desire to succeed and serve the university.

“In previous years, it was common for the student leader to be engaged or married sometime during their presidency,” Brklacich said. “It’s not a bad thing, but students should know that this year I’m married to this position. I have a passion for it, 100 percent.”

Now a senior majoring in political science, Brklacich began his journey at UVU working three jobs as a consultant, administrative assistant and server at a local restaurant. Tired of feeling disconnected, he chose to get involved with the student government.

Starting as a committee member in 2011, he progressed to a senator, then vice president of academic senate and, eventually, earned his position as student body president. In between school, work and his various leadership positions, Brklacich also found time to indulge his true passion for humanitarian work.

“There were times I would find myself working until 3 a.m. and waking up at 7 a.m., but I was doing what I love to do,” he said.

Last year, Brklacich helped raise more than $140,000 by working with the Global Poverty Project, an initiative to see a world without extreme poverty by 2030. In 2012, he went on a humanitarian trip to Fiji to build septic tanks and a better library in one of its poorest provinces.

He also educated others about the reality human trafficking through his involvement with the Child Rescue Association of North America. His humanitarianism stems from his central policy of having love and respect for others, a standard he hopes to share throughout the coming year.

Brklacich wants students to think of UVUSA members as resources and a voice whenever they need an advocate. He plans on adding some incentives to increase communication between students and student-government representatives this year. A possible incentive would be a drawing or giveaway in exchange for feedback.

Alongside representing the student body, he has several other initiatives in place for the upcoming year. He shared that plans are in motion for the university to receive a ‘green beam’ that sends a beacon of emerald light into the sky to celebrate our athletic teams’ successes.

Brklacich also wants to continue to increase attendance at athletic events using marketing strategies to reach students. After years of lobbying from UVUSA representatives, athletic events are now free to all students as of last year. Brklacich hopes that this year, students will gain an even stronger sense of pride by joining the MAWL and attending athletic events.

“Freshmen need to get involved with some student organization. There are so many scholarship and service opportunities offered by the university,” he said. “Join a club, build your resume, talk to your advisor often and enjoy the college experience.”

Brklacich and his executive team want to replace the common-held feeling of self-doubt with the aspiration to improve, inspire, and RISE to your full potential. If you have a suggestion, concern, or just want to say hi, the best way to reach Tyler is by email: [email protected].

When he does have free time, Brklacich can be found either with friends or watching Netflix. His favorite shows are “House of Cards,” “Breaking Bad” and “Scandal.” He also loves to travel and has a particular fondness for the east coast.