Math week

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UVU held its annual Math Week during March 22-26. This year the focus was on the patterns between math and nature. Events were held on campus throughout the week to inform students and promote the subject of math.

After attending the factoring bee on Wednesday, Mitch Oldroyd, a business marketing student, said “I’m not the biggest fan of math, however, I need it for my major and the better I am at math the more qualified I will be as an employee.” The factoring bee was a contest were cash prizes were given out to those who were the fastest and most accurate at factoring math equations.

Overall those who participated in the activities felt that they came away with a better appreciation of math. Angela Kroneberger who is studying communications said, “After watching the movie last night on the ‘Patterns of Nature’ I came to really appreciate how much some individuals know and how math has helped them in that development.”

A few of the week-long events included games and puzzles, a keynote presentation by John A. Adam on the secrets of nature and a chocolate math therapy session instructing students on how to relax while studying math.

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