Marketing degree in the works for 2011

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Looking to add to its growing number of Bachelor’s degrees, the addition of a new marketing degree is in the foreseeable future for the Woodbury School of Business.

Though a R401 report still needs to be completed and presented to the deans, the VPAA, Board of Trustees and Board of Regents, students may expect to see the new degree in 2011.

Currently, students can receive a BS in Business Communications with an emphasis in Marketing. However, this new degree will take place of the emphasis and will allow students to receive a BS or BA in Marketing.

Students will still need to take core classes in subjects such as international marketing, consumer behavior, marketing research and strategic marketing, along with 15 credit hours of electives. Since all of these classes are currently offered through the BS in Business Communication, the new degree would not necessitate any new classes to be added to the business curriculum.

As usual, classes will be offered both during the day and night to better accommodate students who attend school at different times. The required classes will also continue to be taught the in the Woodbury School of Business building.

As the marketing industry grows, nearly one third of all Americans are now employed in a marketing-related position. Marketing positions are excellent training for those that are looking to get into middle and upper management.

The marketing degree is well-suited for students that are interested in going into marketing jobs such as advertising, sales and sales management positions, as well as brand and product management.

If you are interested in this or any other Business degrees contact Janice Gygi Ph.D., marketing professor at 801-863-8863 or [email protected].