Managing stress through campus resources

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With upcoming finals, students may be experiencing severe stress. Here are some tips and resources available to help manage stress during National Men’s Health Awareness Month. While school can occupy a significant part of a student’s identity, remembering to get enough rest, planning out homework via a planner, and creating a regular schedule can help maintain a balance.

One of the many resources available on campus through the Wellness Center is the Stress Reduction Room. This is a safe place for students to take a nap, meditate, practice mindfulness, yoga, light therapy, aromatherapy and many other stress-relieving activities. The Stress Reduction Room is free to all UVU students.

“I think there is so much stress that isn’t talked about surrounding higher education and student life,” said Abbie Merrill, a junior studying mathematics education and psychology, and a UVU presidential intern. “The way students should cope with stress is by taking well deserved breaks and not burning themselves out to the point of a breakdown. I think, generally, getting a good night’s rest and making sure time management skills are being used well is a really good way students can cope and deal with stress.”

Another helpful resource on campus is the Health Risk Appraisal. This is a measurement of a student’s current health status. Students can schedule an HRA on campus by calling 801-863-5553. The cost for a level one HRA is $8 for students, and for a level two $20.

According to a report from Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, “After years of not running, UVU President, Astrid Tuminez, is running a half-marathon on June 6 [2020].” Tuminez ran in the entirely online race to create awareness about mental health. “She recognizes that mental health and well-being are part of ‘staying healthy’ during this unusual time. She began preparing for the Utah Valley Marathon to help cope with the stress of COVID-19.”

Recliner massage chairs are available to students in room SL 211. For UVU students it only costs $2 per 15 minutes. The recliners are a full body massage experience targeting the upper back, lower back, neck, thighs, and feet. For blood circulation a heating system warms the body during the experience. No appointment is needed for the Recliner Massage Chairs. According to the UVU Wellness website the first benefit listed states that it’s an effective treatment for reducing stress.

“The school also puts on many fun social events that I feel can help students to let go and forget about the stresses of everyday school life,” Merrill said.

The Wellness Programs provide free health screenings once a month for UVU students and employees. These screenings include blood pressure and body composition testing. A wellness coach administers the screenings and provides the participant with a copy of their results upon completion. The wellness coach is also there to answer any questions that the participants may have. The date the screenings happen can be found here.

Lastly, students have access to the on-campus gym and all that’s included with a Fitness Pass, from fitness classes to treadmills to free-weights. This is also available to employees and alumni.