Love that just…Is

Love that just . . . is.

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Love that just . . . is.

Love That Just…Is


I love you.. Thou art greatly loved!

A Sister a Daughter, a Friend, an Example

Close in hand, across the ocean, alter between you and me,

Or I as a witness to thee and he, this love endureth.

Never ceasing, constant, only increasing!

No situation, cause no space, no time

No Creed, title, kingdom or principality

Can destroy, maim, or alter this charity.

Fire shall consume, divine war rage,

This Earth and System shall pass away.

Yet This love, it shall remain!

In me, in you…From Father Mother and Jesus,


The Son.

Through Whom’s love, we and everything Are.

Through whom all is bound together.

Go forth, she who has been Sent, for Though,


Hast been redeemed.. now a conduit,

Thou Shalt never fail, for His love

Breaches the stoniest heart, & Turns The stiffest neck

(For Taunts, sourness and rejection IS reaction to a reception)

Be loved, Be love.

And they shall wonder

And you shall fill the silence with eternity

Displacing emptiness, giving Hope and purpose

As a Greeter from the Kingdom of God!





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