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Photo courtesy of Meggie Woodfield

Photo courtesy of Meggie Woodfield

Have you had a recent hankering for some bangers and mash? Well now is your chance to fill that appetite. The London Literature and Cinema program is set to begin in May 2010.

The program, designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore global cultures, will offer both English and film courses to participating students while they live in the Kensington area of London – near Hyde Park and Kensington Palace.

“The London program is a fantastic opportunity for students to get international travel experience and explore global cultures while traveling in a country whose native language is English,” said Rick McDonald, London program director and professor of English.

Having played host to many of William Shakespeare’s plays, as well as being the long-time residence of author Charles Dickens and other notable writers, London immerses students in an in-depth experience of English, media and theatrical history.

If theatre isn’t your cup of tea, a quick, double-decker bus ride will leave you standing in front of famous sites like Westminster Abbey, the Globe Theater and Buckingham Palace.

“There is so much to do and experience there,” McDonald said. “London is my favorite city.”

Participating students will also have the unique opportunity to visit countless museums, castles, and attend London theatre during their stay. Combine London’s rich and prestigious history with the city’s excitement and preparation of hosting the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, and students can expect a memorable semester abroad.

Info Box:

Cost: $3,995

Tentative Dates: May 3?June 12 2010

Anticipated curriculum: Shakespeare (ENGL 2300 or ENGL 463R), Heroes, Myths, and Legends of the British Isles (ENGL 276R or 486R), British Film: History and Adaptation (THEA234R or THEA/ENGL/COMM 414R), Critical Introduction to Cinema Studies (ENGL 2150)

Application deadline in order to save $300: Dec. 18, 2009