Tech Beat: Live to work another day

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More people seem to be turning to social media to voice disdain for their jobs, but before you share how much you hate your boss on Twitter, one app, FireMe!, just might keep you employed for one more day.


Developed in Germany, the app searches a user’s Twitter history for potentially harmful posts using a special algorithm and sends an alert if a tweet could potentially lead to a pink slip.


“Privacy is a serious issue on the social web,” FireMe! project developer Dr. Eelco Herder told Simon Constable of The Wall Street Journal in an interview. “We all know the stories about the people are getting divorced because of this Facebook status message or getting fired.”


Based on the content of the post, tweets are divided into four categories on the site: Haters, Horrible Bosses, Sexual Intercourse and Potential Killers. A FireMe! leader board ranks over 1,000 consistent users on how likely it is they will be fired.  


According to the company’s website, FireMe!’s goal is to raise awareness about the danger of public online data.