Letter to the editor

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It seems these days, everywhere you go your eyes and ears are being subjected to the liberal media. The new common trend of the hippy liberal culture is to impose the idea that we all need to think critically. Even a recently published article in The College Times accused UVSC students of not thinking critically. Well, I’ll tell you, I’m so sick of people saying "think critically." What I hear in this phrase is, "Think about it so you might side with my views." These minorities of abortion pushing, gay rights loving, druggy liberals are totally missing the point of how things work here in Utah.

We here in Utah see things the right way. Now, you liberals want us to think real hard about what we think so you might sway us from the truth. There is a wrong and there is a right and we do not critically think about these things. We cannot just hold a vote on wrong and right and think it will change the truth. There is one decider of right and wrong and that is God Almighty. We do not vote for, analyze or question what God decides. We just accept God’s will. This religion, which the majority of Utah believes in, is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship, and God is the ultimate dictator.

A popular debate in America’s present state of affairs is about whether or not the Government has the right to search without a warrant. The College Times posed this issue to the students here at UVSC, and then poked fun of the students for the answers they gave. I found nothing wrong with the ways the students responded, and that is: "We have done nothing wrong. So, go ahead and dig through my belongings, my past, my journals, my emails and my underwear drawer. Go ahead, arrest me and question me. I’ve done nothing wrong." Our government and president aren’t here to hurt us. The laws placed by the president are laws we follow, because we know through our prophets that following those laws is a way of following God’s will. The only people wanting to stop these measures of security, which the president has set up, are the ones hiding bad stuff, like drugs.

We trust our leaders and our government because God says we should. There is no arguing with God. Sure you have free agency and can deny, question and argue with God all you want, but us Mormons know you’re just buying a one-way ticket to apostasy.

Sincerely, Russ Adler