I object to the block art of “Police Blotter” with the polarized image of a handgun. The image placed next to the headline gives the readers the impression that the semiautomatic weapon is inherently evil and calls for gun control.

As a concealed carry licensee, I take the responsibility of gun ownership and proper usage with utmost seriousness. In the State of Utah it is perfectly legal to carry concealed at public colleges. It is paramount to defend self and innocent others from imminent danger anywhere. This is the express purpose of the Second Amendment as well as Article I Section 6 enshrined in the Utah Constitution.

The fact that the polarized image of the handgun next to “Police Blotter” impresses uninformed people, with a subliminal argument for gun control to disarm reasonable people, reflects the fear-mongering attitude of the academic atmosphere at UVU. Such antagonistic attitude would have made the Founding Fathers laugh heartily at the comical absurdity of anti-gun paranoia.

I suggest you nix the image and replace it with something less sensational which does not connote a negative stereotype that condemns the fundamental American right to bear arms responsibly.