Parking at UVU has been a large problem this past semester. There have been more students attending UVU this semester than ever before. Therefore there have been more teachers and they have also needed more parking.

This has been a problem for students in the LA building parking lot because it more of their parking spots have been taken up, and it is harder for students to find a spot to park. There are many different places to park on campus, but it’s inconvenient when your classes are all in the same building to park on the other end of campus. Many students have also complained that in the free parking you have to drive up and down the rows for a while until you find a spot. They also say it’s pathetic that you have to pay $40 to park in the parking lot that is right next to it. I’ve heard that if you ride the bus into school, all that parking should be free because of how long the bus takes to get to the parking lot — it drives you to the school, and then you have to walk to the other end of the campus because it drops you off on the opposite end of the school. I’ve also heard that if you ride a motorcycle you get free parking. I’ve heard many students complain that it isn’t fair because we pay $80 to pay to park right around the same spots as the motorcycles. I think it would be great for UVU to figure out another alternative to parking. Maybe UVU could create parking garages as the school becomes bigger.

–Tazia Walpole