Regardless of my political views on any other issue, I believe the single most important issue we face as a nation is ending the war… not the war in Iraq or the war against terrorism, but the devastating civil cold war that is destroying our nation from within.
This is a war of mudslinging and name-calling, filibusters and vetoes, a war fought with shouting matches and attack ads, led by armies of special interest groups and political pundits, a war that has turned this nation against itself, halted all progress, and left the hopes and dreams of the American people dying on the battlefield.
We cannot afford to continue the partisan power struggle that has crippled our ability to lead the United States of America to the greatness that our liberty affords us. We must stand against those who tell us that we cannot find common ground, that there can be no understanding, that we cannot respect and appreciate those who have differences of opinion. We can be one people, we can work together, we can heal this nation, and we can end this war.
I have found my captain in this struggle to save our great nation, a man who has more than hope, more than vision, more than the ability to inspire; I have found a leader who has the one thing we need most to end this national crisis… respect… respect for himself, respect for his opponents, respect for the American people, respect for decency and honesty, and respect for the billions who share this planet with us. He does not lace his victory speeches with demeaning insults to those on the other side of the aisle, but with respectful petitions for unity and for healing. He has not come from my camp, but he has come from my nation, and that is enough for me.
We can resolve our differences on other issues later, but not until we end the civil cold war. I have the audacity of hope. I believe things can change. We can do it together. No one can unite us; only we can unite ourselves, but this man can lead the way. We can do it together… Yes we can! If you haven’t seen it yet, I invite everyone to find Yes We Can on YouTube, be inspired, and join the movement.

 -J. Carlson