It seems as though the IT department has now decided to limit access for guest accounts to social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook. This department might tell someone in my situation (being a UVSC student) that I should login through the normal wireless connection, but listen: the only reason I use a guest account is because to use the normal UVSC wireless network is to wade through a bog of idiotic requirements and invasive policies put in place by the imagination of a Stone-Age IT mentality.

MySpace and Facebook really have replaced email communication to a decent degree. On these condemned services I network, research, compare information and dialogue with people because it is such a convenient way to connect. Why censor? Why limit? Why be convinced that these sites are stigmas? Get your moral judgments away from me.

Who are you to tell good from bad? The educational system teaches people to read and write and then is surprised when people use those skills for communication at a university? Why not ban Hotmail accounts as well? There is just as much frivolousness on the Yahoos and Gmails of the world as there are on Myspace. You can’t make people smarter by eliminating access to things you might think are stupid. Smart people will use things in smart ways, and the idiotic will use them idiotically (quiz-bulletins spring to mind). Give me back my guest account.

J.R. Harper