I’m a practicing member of the LDS faith. Every morning, I say my prayers as soon as I wake up; every night I read my scriptures before I go to bed. My ancestry includes Brigham Young, John Taylor and Hyrum Smith. I’m not from Utah, and to be completely honest, Utah Mormons offend me.

I just read the Opinions section from the most recent College Times, and I’m shocked at the things that Mr. Adler has written.

"Sure, you can deny, question, and argue with God all you want, but us Mormons know you’re just buying a one-way ticket to apostasy." Wow. Us Mormons, huh? Let me tell you what this "Mormon" believes.

First off, if you really, really believe that the doctrines the church teaches are true, there’s no such thing as a one-way ticket anywhere. If this church is true, then the Savior made this little thing called repentance a reality.

It seems to me that people in Utah are incapable of thinking in anything but black and white, black being everything they think is wrong and white being everything that they think should be.
So what if people want to give gay people rights? We’re not just talking marriage here, pal, we’re talking the right to be treated like a human being. If you were to hang out in a room full of gay people, you wouldn’t be gay too. You’d just be in a room of gay people.

It’s possible to let other people live their lives, just like they let you live yours. The "doctrines" you’re professing are the same ones that caused our ancestors to be driven out of state after state. After all, back then we Mormons didn’t deserve rights.

And while I’m ranting, what in the world is Luke Hickman saying? Is he really advocating euthanizing the homeless population of the world? Did that really come out of someone’s mouth? Is there any wonder that people call us UVHS?

Taylor McCarrey