Thank you for the Halloween issue. I must say that being from South Africa where we don’t celebrate the holiday, I have never truly been in the spirit of Halloween. So I was a bit hesitant about reading the Halloween issue of your newspaper. But I am glad I did because it definitely changed that for me. Not only were the graphics great, but the stories you featured were thrilling too. This year, Halloween is going to be a different experience for me, I am now looking forward to the costumes, candy and decorations. Thanks again, your newspaper is much appreciated!

-Ashleigh Bucceri


Tuesday morning I arrived at UVU campus at 9:30 a.m. thinking I had plenty of time to park my car, claim my seat on the front row of my 10:00 a.m. class, and possibly even flirt with a few beautiful, female Wolverines on my way. Unfortunately, none of the above happened. My car ran out of gas while I was looking for parking, I missed the first half hour of class, and I got a parking ticket for parking in the wrong lot. The increase in the number students has decreased available parking. Finding a parking spot has become almost impossible. Would it be possible to provide another parking lot along with all the new buildings?


Michael “Mike the Wolverine” Nuga


I have not been alive long, but this election stands as the most pivotal I have seen in my life. The ideas and beliefs of both candidates are so different and the nation is in a difficult time. The outcomes of many important issues hinge on who will take office. It is my frustration that I have heard more about what is wrong with either candidate from their rival than what is right from either campaign.

The debates were painful to watch. It was a mudslinging, balancing act where both candidates skirted issues and danced around questions. My mother told me it was rude to point fingers, but it seems whole campaigns are built around doing it. It would be nice if issues were presented in their entirety, the candidates to have told the whole truth allowing the voter to make accurate decisions based on personal beliefs rather than a marketing strategists rendition.
Don’t dress it up. Say it straight. I am tired of hearing why the other guy sucks.

-Andy Earl

Does UVU really care about student health care?

Recently I was introduced to UVU’s student health care system. I realized it is not very sufficient to the needs of students. The coverage you may purchase is expensive and does not really cover everything you would like it to.

BYU has an excellent health care plan, which does not cost much and gives students adequate coverage for their needs. Why, being so close to BYU and so reminiscent of BYU, can’t UVU have similar coverage?

With university status, why doesn’t UVU take advantage of the opportunities they are offered? If the faculty were to get together and write up a proposal and send it off to some insurance companies, surely they would receive a response to their liking. With better coverage students could focus on academics rather than how they are going to cover their next insurance payment.

-Melissa Reid