The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsoring competitive institutions (BYU) is as consistent as when our new country allowed slavery after 1776. With slavery, a race was heartlessly beaten down; with competition, the weak and simple are heartlessly beaten down. Both slavery and competition were and are tolerated to “get gain.” In this way, BYU is in the world and of the world.

BYU’s mascot should be a lamb. To the competitor, I say pride rules your will. Competitor or champion — which are you?

H. Adams

If selling out to Joe Camel were an Olympic event, John McCain would win a gold medal. He hired tobacco lobbyist Charlie Black to be his senior adviser and now opposes FDA regulation of the tobacco industry after years of supporting it. Does McCain really believe that joining forces with big tobacco is compatible with protecting America, upholding moral values, and preserving the sanctity of life? If so, then why did he joke that cigarette exports to Iran were part of his plot to kill Iranian citizens?

Jason Hsu