As Editor-in-Chief of Touchstones, UVSC’s literary journal, I would like to comment on last week’s article concerning the launch of this semester’s issue. The article makes assertions espoused neither by myself nor the current Touchstones staff. My hope is to correct any misconceptions this article may have created.

First of all, the Touchstones journal is not a publication limited to English majors as the article implies. We welcome the poetry, prose and art from students all over campus, regardless of major or emphasis.

Second, I have nothing but the highest regard and deepest respect for past Editors, advisors and staff of Touchstones. I also have great respect for past authors and artists published in prior issues. Further, regardless of any thematic elements or tones, we deliberated, read and re-read each submission, choosing above all those with the highest degree of literary merit. This selection had nothing to do with subject matter, but of excellence in writing. The same standards applied for art pieces. Any issue theme was not forced, but was coincidental and noted after all selections had been made.

We invite students, faculty, staff, and members of the community to please stop by the English Department, located in LA 114, to purchase the Spring 2008 issue of Touchstones and experience for yourselves the creative excellence exhibited by UVSC students.

Amber Watson
Editor-in-Chief, Touchstones
Spring 2008