To the Editor:

Last year when I needed a place to study, there were not a lot of options where there was a quiet atmosphere and desks. We did not have an “official library.” This year is so much better with our brand-new library. There is finally a place to go to study and not be distracted. I just wanted to thank the school board and the state for giving us a library so we could all become better students. I know that I am not the only one that appreciates it.


Stephanie Fronk


To The Editor:

As a Junior here at UVU I have seen many students in the hallways and around campus in my day. It has occurred to me that there are a few that choose to wear clothes that represent other schools and in some cases surrounding rival schools. It is clear that these students attend UVU as they are in our classes and on our campus. In an effort to support school spirit, something must be done to stop these double agents. Perhaps they can trade in other schools clothes for discounted UVU apparel at the bookstore. Or another solution would be to publicly humiliate and scar them as they walk down the hall of flags into never wearing any other school’s propaganda again. Regardless, something should be done for the sake of UVU.

-Scott Blatter