I am currently living in Amman, Jordan, on sabbatical leave from UVSC, gathering oral histories of Iraqi women refugees. (It is estimated that there are 750,000 Iraqi refugees in Jordan.) My focus on women refugees is based on the fact that although women have little to no say in the preparation, execution, and aftermath of war, inevitably they bear the brunt of the costs of war. One of the women I’ve interviewed is Fahima Jabbar Nadir; she is the mother of five children, three of whom were born deaf. Fahima’s youngest daughter, Nour Al-Asadi, is five years old — still young enough that a cocular implant could enable her to hear.

I am conducting a fund raising project to gather the 3,000 Jordanian Dinars ($4,500 U.S. dollars) necessary for the implant. If you would be interested in donating money toward Nour’s implant, please write a check to "Iraqi Health Access," which is the Non-government Organization that my translator, Hala Al-Sarraf, is the CEO of, and forward the check to Dawn Chase, Academic Advisor, English/Literature Department, mail code #153. If 45 people donate $100, 90 people donate $50, or if 180 people donate $25, all of the money would be raised. All donated money will go directly towards Nour’s surgery. I would be happy to give information on how the surgery goes to the donators. Thank you for your consideration.

Salam, Dr. Laura Hamblin