Letter from the editor: January 31, 2011

Howdy Pardners,

Here at The V, we are constantly being reminded where the proverbial “line” is. Mostly because we not only cross that line frequently, we desecrate it. Like literary Vikings on the Irish coast of your morals. For example, somewhere in this issue is an article that references both diseases and deities. Can’t wait to hear from you, offended readers!

Since that line, whatever it may be, is being constantly explained and re-explained to us, we built an issue that explores boundaries in general. The line between fantasy and reality is defined by a foam sword in an article about live action role-playing. The misadventures of Phillip Taylor provide a window into the gray area between constitutionality and idiocy. We have an article about the Sundance Film Festival, where poorly shot short films might be high art and vice versa, and a piece about the precarious tightrope between fun pastime and outright obsession.

As you’re perusing this latest issue of The V, think about where your personal lines are. Are your boundaries too far apart? Are they too close together? Ponder it and take notes. If we’ve crossed them, as we are wont to do, you know where to find us.

Go you wolverines,

John-Ross Boyce and Nadia Ashtawy
Editors of the V

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