Letter from the editor: January 18, 2010

Hey kids,

Lurid stories about mischief and mayhem get read.  Nice Stories about boy scouts and grandmas will likely fill your parrot’s cage five minutes off the presses. We slow down for horrifying bloody incidents; we trade fun tidbits of serial killer lore; and our favorite Television and Movie characters are at odds with good and evil if not and outright anti-hero. This week we’re giving you looky-loos what you want. Outlaws.
Everyone knows that being bad is way more fun than being good. It’s a scientific fact. No one ever brags about a wild weekend helping out at the soup kitchen.  Nobody high fives you for sitting in your basement apartment on Saturday night, playing Farmville instead of committing crimes and wreaking social havoc. Are we saying “Dear Readers, if you want to be be really cool and feel totally fulfilled, chuck all conventions and law-abiding instincts out the window”? No. We can’t say that. For legal reasons.
However, for those of you too obese to use a bicycle as a getaway vehicle or too paranoid to grow your own weed stash, The V is providing an opportunity for you to live vicariously through some of the strangest criminals that this state has produced. Read and enjoy, o darlings. And if any of these stories light a fire under your butt and unleash your baser instincts, don’t phone us from jail. We’ll be tied up on our virtual farms all weekend.

Go you Wolverines,
Nadia Ashtawy & John-Ross Boyce

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