Let’s Talk Club Rush

Reading Time: 2 minutes On Sept. 21 and 22, 2023 UVU hosted its regular semester Club Rush event. Featuring ninety clubs with hundreds of attendees checking out the clubs and winning free stuff.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Under the shade of canopies, ninety clubs met in the Fountain Courtyard to invite new and returning students to their activities. Club Rush, held outside for the first time in four years, is hosted during the fall and spring semesters for students to get involved with local communities and find a place for support in whatever they need.  

During the event, The Review spoke to Andrea Betts, the assistant director of Student Leadership & Involvement who shared that the university has found that a high percentage of students involved in clubs tend to graduate. Betts also shared that the event itself was constantly growing with new clubs wanting to attend the event each year. So, to meet the request of both the club’s representatives and their growth, they have begun hosting the event outside.  

Students who registered online or at the entry desk were given wristbands which could be traded in for a $5 food voucher and the chance to spin a wheel for free merchandise like shirts or lanyards.  

Beyond the free merch, clubs were hosting games and giving out their freebies of their own. The UVU Chess Club gathered a crowd throughout the day as their representatives would play matches against passing students. Their neighbors, the Botany Club, promised to teach students how to identify plants and offered a free plant to those who visited their meeting. 

And for students seeking professional development? Clubs like the Criminal Justice Honor Club aid students in developing essential skills such as personal leadership and goal setting. Other organizations like the Medical Brigade host events where students can get real-world experience by volunteering in workshops and connecting students to professionals involved in their fields.  

If students were unable to attend the event, the UVU Club’s website has up-to-date information for those hoping to join a club.