Let’s talk about sex

All the health questions students wonder about but are too nervous to ask were answered in the Health Forum by Dr. Susan Steffen on Sept. 28.


UVU students filled into the room, wrote their questions on small slips of paper, and took their seats. As the room continued to fill, the questions were gathered and put into a box to be answered by Steffen.


Steffen works as an OBGYN at the Utah Valley Women’s Center. Along with her physician assistant, Anna Nash, Steffen gave straightforward answers to the bold questions offered by the mostly female students who were present. Several of the most interesting questions were collected.



Question: Why do periods get interrupted when you are stressed?


Answer: The body reacts and as a defense mechanism, doesn’t want to get pregnant while you are undergoing other stressors.



Question: What is your advice for a new bride on her honeymoon?


Answer: Be realistic and KY Jelly is your best friend. Just practice, practice, practice. Communicate with your partner and for your first time, don’t expect a wonderful, orgasmic experience. Be educated about things.



Question: If you have a hysterectomy, do you go through menopause? 


Answer: Yes. If your ovaries are gone, then you stop producing eggs and having periods.



Question: What is the best diet for fertility?


Answer: Eat lots of folic acid. Take a prenatal vitamin with high amounts of folic acid and exercising will help a lot with fertility.



Question: Do you have to take hormone replacements after menopause?


Answer: Not necessarily. Women with more fat around their middle produce their own estrogen. They produce “enough to beat the band.” It just depends on how you feel.



Question: Can you really give yourself diabetes by drinking too much soda and eating too much candy?


Answer: Yes. These things can lead to obesity, which can result in diabetes.



Dr. Steffen ended the question and answer session with advice for all students concerned about remaining healthy with the hectic schedule of work and school.

“The fountain of youth is exercise,” Steffen said. “You need to do at least 30 minutes a day, six days a week. Do not go to bed without knowing your exercise plan for tomorrow.”

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