Learning conversation skills at crucial conversations workshop

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The UVU chapter of the Utah Women in Higher Education Network (UWHEN) partnered with the Professional Association of Campus Employees (PACE) will be hosting a Staff Crucial Conversations Workshop on campus this week. Staff were invited to join the UWHEN workshop on Friday, Nov. 12 from 12 – 1 p.m.

The purpose of the crucial conversations workshop was to equip UVU faculty and staff with “tools which can be used in communication to create a safe and non-threatening environment when emotions and high stake topics are at hand,” as stated on the event website

The Crucial Conversations workshop was meant to “teach skills and principles to the workshop participants to identify when a conversation becomes crucial, address concerns and practice skills and learn principles through a series of everyday scenarios,” said Lucy Castro, the staff ambassador for UVU UWHEN. “The implementation of Crucial Conversations is truly measured by the real-life application of learned skills, and how the program participant utilizes the tools taught in the workshop in daily high stakes and emotionally charged conversations.”

The UVU UWHEN is made up of employees of UVU who are “committed to advancing women’s equity and leadership in higher education,” as written on the UWHEN website. UVU’s UWHEN chapter works at a state level to provide support and resources to female-identifying individuals and allies throughout campus. 

Daniel Delgadillo, a certified Crucial Conversations trainer and UVU alumnus took charge of the workshop. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from UVU, and a master’s degree from Kansas State University in Financial Planning. In the five years he has been a certified trainer, Delgadillo has trained over 200 UVU employees in Crucial Conversations. 

UVU UWHEN offers several professional development forums for staff and faculty throughout the year. “Our events are free and help build a greater sense of campus community connections and self-empowerment through leadership,” said Castro. More information about UWHEN and future events can be found through the UWHEN newsletter and website.