Learning and Lunch at the Women to Women Mentorship Event

Reading Time: 2 minutes In continuation of celebrating Women’s History Month, the Women’s Success Center hosted an event on March 28th where keynote speaker Trina Celeste and other mentors discussed struggles of overcoming prejudice in various fields of work.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Women to Women Mentorship event began as a yearly event hosted by the Women’s Success Center for women in the S.T.E.M. field to network and support one another. In a short interview with Rachel Lund, the Senior Director of the center, she shared how she wanted to expand beyond that and reach as many students as possible. This is something that became possible with this year’s event hosted on March 28 as mentors from various fields of work like education and technology sat down with students and answered questions.

Trina Celeste is the CEO of RizeNext and the co-founder of Tech-Moms.org, an organization dedicated “to helping women transition into tech and achieve long-term success in their careers.” She began the event by speaking on being fearless and optimistic in students’ personal lives and workplaces.

Celeste was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019, and through that fight and eventual defeat of the disease, she realized how important it is to find people who align with an individual’s purpose to both support and overcome obstacles. 

“What can I do to leave an impact?” This question Celeste stated during the speech is another major factor in her purpose and support, and a question that she wants students to ask themselves. Later on, when students were given the opportunity to sit down with mentors, Celeste emphasized that students should recognize their worth and unique perspectives to help make themselves known. 

Celeste and her fellow mentors spent the rest of the event engaged in discussion with attendees about struggles they had gone through and advised on how to overcome obstacles students presented.

Lund stated that this event was successful and has plans to further expand the event and reach more and more students each year.

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