It’s a new school year, new classes (except for you repeats) and new experiences.
Don’t make this year a bore. Make things interesting whether you’re a determined freshman or a cocky senior, by joining a club. More specifically, join a club you hate.

There are over 100 clubs that you could potentially detest — all available to view on the UVU Web site. Just scroll down the alphabetically ordered list and you’ll surely spot a target worth your loathing.

For example: If you dislike the show Heroes, as do I, there conveniently is a club where you could meet new people who love that superhero drama nonsense. If you can’t stand chemistry, join the chemistry club. The same goes for math. You might actually pass this year.

Not only would these new encounters expand your dull contacts list, but it would also be refreshing to meet other human beings who may not have much in common with you.

Last year, apart from affiliating myself with the Latinos Unidos club, I joined a committee on student government. I’ve never been enthusiastic about school spirit, and I couldn’t stand to fake that many smiles, but in the end, I met interesting people who I would not have met otherwise. Yes, I would say I was probably the second worst committee member — apart from a fellow who came to the first meeting never to show his face again — but I did participate in events like the love doctor, went on a few “field trips,” and I won’t forget all the free food on which I happily overindulged.

If hate isn’t one of your strong points, try exercising it a little by putting it to good use. Case in point: If you hate genocide, join the Student Anti-Genocide Coalition. You can’t stand the lack of fashion and artistic value in everyday life? Join the Fashion Designers and Leaders for Tomorrow Club. Do you hate healthy food? Join the BBQ club. Yes, it exists.

All in all, hate might turn out to be an ally when picking a club. If anything, a club could be your part-time affair with the world outside of school, work and MySpace to something that might just possibly turn out to be more interesting than you.