International festival brings the world to campus

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Photo credit: Mike Richardson


Free food and international performances lured students and faculty to the Grande Ballroom Nov. 16 for the “We Are the World” International Festival put on by the International Student Council.

More than 1500 students, faculty and guests sampled food from different booths that were decorated to represent over 18 nationalities, with each booth serving up different culinary specialities and cultural information.

The booths were manned with mostly student volunteers from their respective nationalities.

Marketing student Gabriel Rodriques said he was volunteering because it gave him a chance to represent his Brazilian culture.

As attendees milled between the different booths they were entertained by multicultural performances. The program showcased fourteen dance and musical performances from around the world. Highlights included the Colombian Cumbia, Spanish Flamenco and a Native American Hoop Dance.

Paola Rondon is president of the International Student Council. She represents international students in UVU’s student government, where she is a voting member.

Rondon said the ISC is trying to bring the world to campus with this event. They also want to reflect the greatness that comes from the diversity of different cultures.

“We call it our little world,” she said. “It’s our chance to show everyone what we’re made of.”

Rondon said there are about 900 international students at UVU and they all have great traditions and delicious food that should be represented.

This year’s theme for the festival was “We Are All the World”.

“We are one. We are together,” Rondon said. “No matter what’s happening… we’re here for each other.”

Rondon said that this year’s turnout was higher than expected making this one of the most successful years in the ten-year history of holding the annual event.

Steve Crook, the director of International Student Services was proud of this year’s festival. He said the booths were well decorated and the entertainment was great. He said that out of ten years of holding the festival, this year’s was the best.

“The students did an awesome job,” Crook said.

The event was co-sponsored by LDSSA and UVUSA.