Halloween is the one night a year that individuals may become something or someone they are not just by donning a costume. However, after perusing one of the latest costume advertisements, it seems Halloween has become all Hollow’s sluts. Out of approximately 30 women’s costumes featured in a Halloween store’s ad, 29 of them were scandalous, meaning promiscuous, scanty and excessively revealing.

This high concentration of severely immodest dress for Halloween is not exclusive to this single advertisement. Any Halloween specialty shop, or Halloween section in the local supermarket, is swarmed with such costumes. Halloween is being used as an excuse for trashy dressing to go along with equally trashy behavior.

Forgetting inhibitions is one thing, but completely demoralizing oneself is another. Women should feel insulted, if not outraged, at the selection of costumes available.

Nurses, police officers, librarians, cartoon characters and even Hannah Montana and Harry Potter characters have been made into naughty costumes that are heavy on the cleavage and low on class. Bumble bees, lady bugs, hippies, bunnies and cats have all been turned into lingerie costume fashions.

The costumes for women have taken a turn from innocent to adult film material.

The costumes are suggestive and project a negative stereotype of women. Options that are less scandalous are few and far between and are frumpy, at best. Women are left with little choice in costumes for Halloween.

There are many problems with this costume trend: most importantly, the perpetuation of typecasting women as sexual objects.

Halloween is a stupid reason for women to take a backseat to societal progress. But equally dissatisfying is the passive acceptance on the part of the American woman.

Glad at adorning knee-highs with a mini-skirt and bra as a costume, women have allowed trashy to become trendy. As long as women continue hiking up their skirts and flashing their flesh for the holiday, the scandalous fashions will continue to degrade. Sadly, the degrading is done of their own accord.